Functional Behavior Assessments


A Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) focuses on identifying the function or purpose of specific behaviors. Assessments are used to develop behavior intervention plans that are based on an informed understanding of the cause of the specific behavior.

The most efficient assessment method needed to identify an appropriate treatment plan will be used and may include one or all of the following:

  • Meet with families to discuss and identify the needs of the individual
  • Observe the individual at the setting in which they are experiencing difficulties to improve service planning
  • Conduct a functional analysis of the behavior to identify factors that are influencing its occurrence
  • Summarize and review assessment results with the individual and their family and discuss tentative treatment plans and get their input

Whether you would like us to conduct an FBA for you or train staff in your organization how to conduct an FBA, we can help.

Behavior Plan Development


Behavior plans are formal strategies developed to address the behaviors of concern. Behavior plans help everyone involved know exactly how to address the problems and how to teach the person an appropriate replacement behavior.

Behavior plans are developed based on the results of an individualized assessment and tailored to meet the needs of the people involved. Once the plan has been written we provide assistance and training during the initials stages of implementation to insure everyone succeeds.

Additional Assessments

Behavior Solutions can also provide a variety of additional assessments that can help identify skill deficits and behaviors of concern. These assessments include:

  • VB-MAPPs
  • PEAK assessments
  • Social Skill assessments
  • Functional Skill assessments
  • And more!

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